Frequently Asked Question

You will receive an email from Template within 5 minutes of your purchase. If you do not receive the email. Please check your junk/spam folders. Otherwise, you can contact me and I will send the link to you manually.

A ZIP file is a storage format that allows me to compress several images into one convenient file for download. You will need an extraction program. Most desktop and laptop computers are already equipped with a suitable program. Most Macs today will automatically unzip the ZIP file for you after download. If not, try double-clicking the ZIP file and it should unzip.

Most PCs already have an extraction program installed such as WinRAR or WinZip. Try right-clicking the ZIP file and then choose the “Extract” option.

If you are using a mobile phone or tablet, you may need to download a third-party app to open ZIP files.

I’m always happy to help. Please email me and I’ll see what I can do.